Franco Di Majo

 ​industrial and culinary arts


Franco Di Majo

I have been working with recycled found objects, metals, clay, wood and stone for many years. 

Throughout my artwork a whimsical theme  emerges, often inviting the viewer to interact playfully with the  object. Such interactions can be either physical as it is with some of  my pottery, toys and kinetic sculptures; or of an imaginative nature. I  am inspired by Dadaist and Surrealist artists and loved learning  artistic expressions of all times from the Paleolithic to Star Wars and  beyond.

I  studied sculpture at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and am a  certified high school sculpture instructor. I also taught art to young  children, helped build scenes for children's and adult's theater and  designed unconventional costumes often out of recycled materials. My  work has been shown at several art shows in Rome and on display in art  symposiums in Italy and in Denmark.

I  came to Santa Cruz in 2008 and I have been attending classes at  Cabrillo in the Culinary Arts program, am certified in cooking and  baking, and also hold an advanced welding certification. I enjoy the  many art courses Cabrillo has to offer such as jewelry, clay, bronze and  woodwork, and have been awarded two scholarships for my metal  sculptures and my jewelry.

I hope that people will enjoy interacting with my art as much as I enjoy making it!

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